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There are a few things that are required to make a marriage legal in Australia.



Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM)

The NIM must be lodged with your celebrant no less than one month and one day prior to the date of the ceremony. At the time of lodgement you would pay a deposit.


Documents of Identity

Both parties must supply an original Birth Certificate (an extract or photocopy is not acceptable), and any evidence of name change, this must be either noted on the birth certificate or be a certificate of name change.


If either party has been married previously, evidence of how the last marriage ended, this would be in the form of either a divorce certificate or a death certificate.

The followng link takes you to a website to download a PDF of the 'Notice of intended marriage' form. CLICK HERE











Did you know?

You can find further details regarding how to apply for a marriage certificate on the following website - Births, Deaths & Marriages

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